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[Races] - [Groups] - [Places] - [Technology] - [Major Events] - [Items]   Last Update on Feb 03 '99
 Governments / Races:
The Interstellar Alliance
An alliance made up of the: Earth Alliance, Minbari, Narns and the League of Non Aligned Worlds. The alliance is based on Minbari.

The Earth Alliance
The Earth Alliance, headquartered in Geneva, liberated from martial law in 2261. Most citizens are happy to see democracy restored, but there will likely be those loyal to the old guard who will have trouble adjusting to the new rules. They joined the Interstellar Alliance in exchange for some Minbari technologies

The Minbari Federation
An old, highly spiritual race, the Minbari are humanoid with exterior bone crests on their heads. They formed the An'la'shok (the rangers) and created the original fleet (of Whitestars) which are now used in the Interstellar Alliance.

The Centauri Republic
The Centauri Republic, once a fading former power, has come into a precarious situation due to the government's alliance with the Shadows in the recent conflict. The Centauri drove them out, but it is clear that the minions of the Shadows have intentions of getting even with the Centauri.

The Narn Regime
Once an up and coming power, the Narn Regime was a victim of Centauri expansionism, especially humiliating since they were unwilling subjects of the Centauri Republic a hundred years ago and once again fell under their hand in the recent years. Liberated again, they are rebuilding there home world and their fleet

The League of Non Aligned Worlds
An alliance made up of the smaller governments which include the Drazi, Vree and the Pak'ma'ra amount several others

The First Ones
The name for a group of the oldest races millions of years old which have left beyond the rim

The Vorlons
One of the first ones which have left beyond the rim

The Shadows
The ancients, the oldest race in the known universe which has left beyond the rim

The Drakh
The allies of the Shadows that are now working on there own since the Shadows have gone and are working on getting even with the Centauri. They also are the ones who put the plague on Earth.

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 Groups / Companies / Organizations:
The technomages are magicians / illusionists who have studied the mysteries of science and technology to display the effect of magic. In 2259 they fled the beyond the rim to save their knowledge from the war that was coming.

The Psi-Corps is an organization which educates and controls all human telepaths. Anyone who is found to have a telepathic ability must either join the Psi-Corps, be imprisoned or have drugs to suppress their ability. Psi-Cops are the Psi-Corps police force who hunt down 'rogue' telepaths (telepaths who don't want to join Psi-Corps or have run away from it). With the telepath war over, the Psi-Corps has now been disbanded.

Telepaths (teep's and teek's)
Some humans and aliens (but on the Narn) have the ability to read other people's minds, they are called telepaths. People who have the telekinetic ability can move physical objects using there mind. It is said that one in thousand human beings are telepathic and one in ten thousand telepaths have telekinetic abilities, and half of those become clinically insane from it. Since the telepath war, the human telepaths have now got more freedom, but there are new rules for telepaths, and they're able to go out and mix in society again as long as they can abide by the rules. If they can't, an organisation like the Psi-Corps may be created again.

Rangers (An'la'shok)
The Rangers (or in Minbari, An'la'shok) are an elite group of soldiers who are sworn to carry out any task whatever the cost, including his / her own life. The Rangers are mainly made up of Minbari and Humans, though some of the people from the League of Non Aligned Worlds have also joined up. They were originally formed to gather information and perform covert operations in the war against the Shadows and they now act as the patrollers and protectors for the Interstellar Alliance

Interplanetary Expeditions
Interplanetary Expeditions is a corporation that says it "Explores the past to create a better future". They are archeologists resarching ancient relics hoping to gain new technology, though they are also a front some unknown people working on secret projects

Edgar Industries
Edgar Industries is one of Earth's mega-corporations and is extremely powerful. Since the death of Edgar, Michael Garibaldi (the head of intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance) is now the CEO of the company.

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The Rim
The rim is the boarder of known space

Epsilon 3
The planet that Babylon 5 orbits

Babylon 5
The fifth Babylon station built by the Earth Alliance for the purpose of making peace. For more information on Babylon 5 and "The Babylon Project" click here

The home world of the Minbari

Centauri Prime
The home world of the Centauri

The home world of the Narn

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 Ships and Technologies:
The new Interstellar Alliance destroyer class ship which the series is set aboard

The sister ship of the Excalibur

Jump Gates
Jump gates are huge constructions which are built in important places to enable ships to enter 'hyperspace'. Journeying though hyperspace takes a lot less time as the physical space is smaller. Once the ship has reached it destination in hyperspace, via a navigation beacon, a jump gate is activated to 'jump' back into normal space

Jump Points
Large ships can create their own 'jump points' to enter and exit hyperspace.

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 Major Events:
To help you understand the history of Babylon 5, I've written up overview's of most of the major events in the Babylon 5 universe:
        The Great War
        Earth's First Contact
        The Earth - Minbari War
        The Babylon Project
        The Narn - Centauri War
        The Shadow War
        The Earth Civil War
        The Formation of the Interstellar Alliance
        The Interstellar Alliance - Centauri War
        The Telepath war

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Apocalypse box
        Information from jms: "And there's something called an apocalypse box, which one of these people has (the Excalibur crew), and who should definitely not have it, since everyone who has ever owned an apocalypse box has died under strange and extremely unpleasant circumstances."

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