ISN News: The Guide to Crusade
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ISN News: The Guide to CrusadeISN News: The Guide to Crusade
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  Crusade is the continuation of the award-winning science fiction series Babylon 5. The story takes place 3 years after the 5th season. The Drakh, former servants of the Shadows, are furious at the loss of their masters and decide to take action. They start by looking for a new home, and decide that taking Earth would be a powerfull gesture. However, their attack fails miserably, and are forced to retreat. As they are leaving, they release a biogenetically engineered virus, a piece of leftover Shadow technology, on Earth.. This infects all inhabitants and will take five years to adapt itself to the humans and become lethal.

  The only hope: the Excalibur, a ship combining Minbari, Vorlon and Earth technology. The vessel goes on a crusade to find a cure for the mutating plague on the Rim worlds.

  Babylon 5, with its three-dimensional characters and complex story arc, revolutionized tv science fiction. For those who do not know, jms refers to series creator/producer J. Michael Strazynski, who has a large online presence. That Babylon 5 actually was completed is a small wonder. That it gets a spin-off, is a wonder. Name another science fiction show that received a spin-off, barring Star Trek.

  Crusade is the story of the Excalibur, whose crew carries the burden of saving the earth. While Babylon 5 has a heavy political arc, Crusade's arc will be less political and more adventurous. Most mysteries have been solved by the ending of season 5. However, we are blessed with the insight that the Telepath War occurred before Crusade.

  For more info on Babylon 5, click here.

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