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ISN News: The Guide to CrusadeISN News: The Guide to Crusade
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Last Update on June 07 '99
The start date for the first episode, War Zone is Wednesday, 9th June on TNT at 10pm ET/PT.

TNT has ended production of Crusade. Only 13th episodes have been made at the present time.

 Season 1: "Season Title Unknown"
  1. War Zone
    Matthew Gideon commands the Excalibur, a one-of-a-kind ship that will carry the quest to save Earth to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy...

  2. The Long Road
    A mining operation on Regula 4 is threatened by an unexpected protestor. When Gideon and Galen arrive, matters are starting to take a turn for the worse...

  3. The Well of Forever
    Crusade's resident techno-mage directs the Excalibur to search for a mystical crossroads somewhere in the vastness of hyperspace - but for what purpose?

  4. The Path of Sorrows
    In a dark tower on a distant world. Gideon finds a strange alien lifeform seemingly trapped in a translucent sphere...

  5. Patterns of the Soul
    The Excalibur crew discover that people left the Earth during the time of the Drakh battle - but are they infected with the plague that threatens the Earth?

  6. Ruling from the Tomb
    The Excalibur is on hand at a Mars Conference on the Drakh virus, along with Captain Elizabeth Lochley, fresh from Babylon 5 to provide additional security...

  7. The Rules of the Game
    Captain Gideon comes to Babylon 5 to negotiate for the rights to land on the Lorkan homeworld, but the Lorkans prove difficult to persuade.

  8. Appearance and Other Deceits
    While visiting politial officers dertermine a new look for the Excalibur and its crew in order to improve morale back home, the sole survivor aboard an alien spaceship threatens the mission...

  9. Racing the Night
    Exploring a planet devastated by a Drakh plague, the crew come under attack from an unknown force. Galen employs a unique method of tracking the cause...

  10. The Memory of War
    Amid the vine-encrusted ruins of a vanished civilisation, the Excalibur crew find the remnants of a weapon of incredible destruction...

  11. The Needs of Earth
    In response to a plea from an alien fugitive, Gideon risks a clandestine trip to Praxis Colony and finds a refugee who guards a storehouse of alien knowledge.

  12. Visitors from Down the Street
    The truth is out there. In this case way out there, as the Excalibur learns when it picks up two very peculiar guests, a pair of paranoia-ridden aliens named Durkani and Lyssa...

  13. Each Night I Dream of Home
    Dr. Sarah Chambers gets a chance to unlock the secrets of the Drakh virus, aided by none other than Dr. Stephen Franklin. But Drakh spies tip off the enemy, who launch an attack against the Excalibur in an attempt to stifle their work...
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