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Last updated August 21, 2000

New Works by JMS

Here is an update from JMS on a number of his new projects:

A lot of people have been asking what's up while the newsgroup's been down, so I figured I'd take just a moment to do a quick list of where to go for new jms stuff, and what's in the works.

I apologize in advance if this comes across heavy-handedly, it's just that a lot of stuff has been going on, and the best way to get it out is just to drop it all at once rather than cluttering up the newsgroup with a lot of different messages.

1) My new novel, TRIBULATIONS, is now available to be read free online at (along with the last Crusade scripts and some of my short stories).

2) Starting Monday, for those who massively want a print copy of the book, TRIBULATIONS can also be ordered from; Dark Tales publishing is doing a special edition trade paperback in limited numbers. (And a bit of history is being raffled off: the Kinesis keyboard on which I wrote nearly all of B5, most of my internet posts, Crusade, Tribulations, the Murder She Wrote movie, and a bunch of other stuff...will be raffled off to one of the folks who pick up the Dark Tales edition. It still works fine though the cable that goes inside comes a bit loose sometimes.) I've been offered big bucks for the thing, and some have wanted to sell it on ebay...but all things considered, I'd rather give it away, in the hope that whoever gets it will use it to create the next big story.)

3) The 13 episode anthology series I'm doing for -- THE CITY OF DREAMS -- continues to air new episodes. The first couple starred Steve Buscemi and Andre Braugher, and the one currently up stars Tim Curry and should be of particular interest to net-folks. Just stick with it, you'll see what I mean. That's over at

4) Per a page one story in today's DAILY VARIETY, MGM has commissioned me to write a RISING STARS movie in a seven-figure deal. I won't be producing this one because a) I have nothing to do with financing it and have never produced a feature film and have no desire to start, and b) I'm going to be too busy because....

5) Having finally finished the RISING STARS negotiation, we're now able to finish negotiating the deal for me to run a new hour long drama series as exec producer. There are just a few more small points we're still haggling over, but they're not deal breakers, so I should be able to provide that info sometime in the coming week. It's going to be a pretty cool show.

6) Alongside such other folks as Jerry Bruckheimer, Oliver Stone, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock and the like, I've signed to develop programming for, which looks like it's going to become one of the premiere sites for internet programming. We hope to have some of the stuff online by Halloween.

7) I've also just signed to do a column for, a division of USA Networks. The first one debuts around September 28th.

8) Next month the first title under the Joe's Comics imprint from Top Cow makes its debut: MIDNIGHT NATION, a nifty little book penciled by Gary Frank. You can get an advance glimpse of the stuff at

Other than that it's been pretty quiet.

Pulled this from the B5 newsgroups -- thought you'd be interested:

For those who have wanted to see some new stuff from me....

I'm pleased to announce that I've signed a contract to have some of my prose work appear online at, a brand new and exciting site which will make a wide range of well-known authors and best-sellers available for reading online *without charge* to readers.

These include the following items, which will be rolled out in roughly this order over the coming days and weeks....

My brand new non-B5 short story, COLD TYPE, and in a little while, a reprint of my novelette WE KILLED THEM IN THE RATINGS, which originally appeared in a major mystery anthology. COLD TYPE is a contemporary dark fantasy story in the TWILIGHT ZONE mold.

Of special interest to B5 and Crusade two unproduced CRUSADE scripts that were written specifically to crank up the overall story arc: "To the Ends of the Earth," which was to be that season's arc jumper a la "The Coming of Shadows," and the *season finale* "End of the Line." These episodes were written but never filmed. For those who want to know what was planned for the rest of the season and where it was going...this is it.

AND...biggest of all....

In a few weeks, as a thank-you to all the B5 fans who've stayed with us over the years, instead of taking my new novel to auction, through Bookface I'm making it available *free* for online reading. TRIBULATIONS will be serialized on the Bookface site over a period of about a month.

So head on over...I think you'll like what you see.


Coming in July 2000:

RS#1/2 Signed RS#1/2 Unsigned Available in two different editions:
Rising Stars #1/2 Signed (Christian Zanier)
Rising Stars #1/2 (unsigned)

Description: This item is not in stock yet, it is expected to arrive in July, but you can order this item now and we'll ship it as soon as it comes in.

A rising fan base is pushing Rising Stars up the top-seller chart. Now a new story revealing more information on the colorful characters of the series is on it’s way in Rising Stars 1/2! Written by series creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by series penciler Christian Zanier, this all-new issue is solidly entrenched in the regular storyline and sheds new light on Rising Stars’ many mysteries. And as if being a new addition to this hot series weren’t enough, we’re also offering a signed version bearing the signature of Christian Zanier. This is one issue no collector of the series will want to miss!

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Keu Cha (I) Jason Gorder

Top Cow is pleased to present the next edition of the Black and White series. Revisit this epic tale written by J. Michael Straczynski that begins when a celestial event occurs in a small town that will change the inhabitants' lives forever. With beautifully rendered artwork by Keu Cha (Witchblade) and Jason Gorder.

FC 32 pages $2.50

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Christian Zanier (I) Livesay (C)Brett Evans

With cover by guest artist Gary Frank (Kin), the one year anniversary of this wildly popular comic book begins the second act of the Rising Stars story (issues 9-16). This story arc jumps ahead in time to see the effects of full-scale conflict between many of the Rising Stars. In the first act of this series, the world shaped our, our characters begin to shape the world, and the world may not be very happy about those changes.

FC 32 pages


(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Keu Cha

Available for the first time inked and in full color, revisit this first glimpse story of the hottest new book of 1999, RISING STARS, created and written by J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of BABYLON 5 and CRUSADE. Predating issue 1 this story features Pyre and includes a brand new cover.

FC 32 pages $2.50

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Christian Zanier (I) Livesay (C)Brett Evans

This story takes place years after the first eight issues. Many of the Specials are running rampant now, taking revenge or setting up their own little empires, while a few still try to stop them. All the normal people were afraid of what the specials might one day become. That day has arrived.

FC 32 pages $2.95


(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Christian Zanier (I) Livesay (C ) Brett Evans

As the saga of Rising Stars continues, the Specials are seriously raging out of control. Whatever ties they once had are being unraveled. Sides have been chosen and in their minds, this battle will not end with survivors. The safety of Earth is being jeopardized with every minute that passes.

FC 32 pages $2.50


Joe has said that his first issue of Joe's Comics -- Midnight Nation has been slated for September. What will it be about?

"It's a contemporary story that doesn't really fit most categories...maybe magic realism comes closest, dark fantasy sets some of the tropes of the dark fantasy genre against a modern setting, with a police officer on a quest to recover something taken from him, a search which shows him a side of the country usually not seen, the hidden doors and secret places only glimpsed out of the corner of the eye...."

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