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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Universe Today - Fan Club Newsletter

Table of Contents

Winter 1999

It's Me in There, Stephen Furst - by Sandra Bruckner
Visions of the Future - A Discussion with Tim Earls by Michael Zmuda
Behind the Scenes: Karen Harrell by Michael Zmuda
Techno-mage Peter Woodward by Michael Zmuda and Sandra Bruckner
Tales from Down Below by Michael Colbert
Deadly Relations - a review by Stoddard Hayes

Fall 1998

A Visit to the TNT Web Site - by Sandra Bruckner
The Parliament of Dreams - a review by Sandra Bruckner
Tracy Scoggins -- The Phoenix vs. Hollywood's Vampires by Cecilia Andrew
John Copeland - On Building a Better Universe by Michael Zmuda
Crusade - Introducing the Crew of the Excalibur by Michael Zmuda
Astronomical Gastronomy -- A review of Dining on Babylon 5 by Sandra Bruckner

Spring 1998

B5's Online Wrap Party
The Enigmatic Jerry Doyle by Cecilia Andrew
The Official Guide to J. Michael Straczysnki's Babylon 5 -- a review by Sandra Bruckner
Behind the Scenes - Michael Todd & Rick Ryan by Michael Zmuda
Space Toys: A Tour of Babylon 5's Prop Department by Michael Zmuda

Winter 1998

A Conversation with Jeanne Cavelos by Sandra Bruckner
Peter Jurasik - On Life with Londo by Cecilia Andrew
Building Worlds (John Iacovelli) by Michael Zmuda
For 3 days I tried to interview John Flinn by Cecilia Andrew
Babylon 5: In the Beginning - reviews by Sandra Bruckner
Behind the Scenes: Joanne Higgins by Michael Zmuda

Fall 1997

A Conversation with Kathryn Drennan by Sandra Bruckner
Mira Furlan - An interview by Michael Zmuda
The Man with The Plan (J. Michael Straczynski) by Michael Zmuda
Behind the Scenes: Pablo Soriano by Cecilia Andrew

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