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Date: 7/22/2000 9:34:48 AM EDT
From: (Dan Johnson)

Hey Sandy,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I just finished Zocalo. As always, it was a super read. I also wanted to run an idea by you. I've been encouraging all the members of the local B5 group to catch the repeats of B5 on Sci-Fi and to get them to show support for CRUSADE by writing the Sci-Fi to ask that they start filming new episodes. I think I've hit upon an idea to get my group excited about B5 coming to Sci-Fi. I've suggested we do a marathon of the best BABYLON 5 episodes on Sunday, Sept 24 to lead up to the premiere of Sci-Fi's B5 SCIOGRAPHY. The way I'm spinning it is I'm suggesting it as a last chance to watch the very best episodes as they originally were broadcast before we see them again in the letterboxed format on Sci-Fi. I'm also using it as a way of getting a few fence sitters to finally give BABYLON 5 a chance and to do a little recruiting for our group.

I was wondering, do you think other groups around the country might like to do the same thing? I was thinking that maybe if Zocalo did a poll where B5 fans could vote for their favorite BABYLON 5 episodes, it could serve as a guide to the top five to ten fan favorite episodes. That way if other groups wanted to do what we are doing, they could line up the top episodes according to the Zocalo poll and organize their own marathon screenings. In a way, it would kind of be like the whole of B5 fandom was coming together for one day to help celebrate B5's second chance on Sci-Fi. Also, if the local groups wanted to, they could list their marathons as being open to the public through Zocalo. That way folks could find marathons close to them and then they might be able to attend and meet other fans. I know my group is always looking for new faces. It could be a chance to get some new folks actively involved in B5 fandom.

Of course part of the plan for the marathon is to get people to also contact Sci-Fi about new CRUSADE episodes.

Like I said, its just a thought. Let me know what you think.

I LOVE your idea. I'm posting it over on the rally page, but I'll put a note about it over on the front page as well and we can get a poll going. Hopefully a number of people will like the idea of a get-together, even if it's not a marathon! It would be wonderful to have a LOT of Babylon 5 fans viewing old episodes together.

If people live in areas where there is not a gathering, we can host a "virtual gathering" for people. I think it might be cool to have a chat during some of the showings. No one will want to chat during the show -- but there are commercials!

Thanks for your idea.
Take care,

Date: 7/4/2000

Getting together with fans of Babylon 5 and Crusade anywhere makes for a special event. But, if we can gather together fans of science fiction (or just good drama), we can gather in "new" fans and broaden the viewer base for the show.

One place that might be great for placing flyers is your local library, book store or comic book store. The library may be an untapped resource, since people go there to read -- and after all, Babylon 5 is a novel played out on video.

If you would like flyers to place at locations, please drop me a note at I will get some into the mail for you. If you think you can get some placed in windows, let me know that as well. I can put the information on some catchy-looking paper!

Take care,

Date: 7/2/2000 12:46:35 AM EDT

About how to make B5 fans aware of the shows move to the Sci-Fi Channel: I think maybe a schedule should be worked out to have volunteers regularly post to all the major B5 chatrooms and message boards about the move. Stephanie,
That's a great idea. If people who frequent the B5 newsgroups would like to drop me a line, I can work up a schedule as to who might want to drop a note about the show air dates, etc.

Date: 7/1/2000 5:59:48 PM EDT
From: (Mustapha Z'ha'dum)

Hi Sandra,

I've found that when I wear my B5 shirts/caps or pins to work some people will ask me: "what happened to Babylon 5? I loved that show." This has given me an opening to tell them about TNT and B5's move to the SciFi channel. So far their reactions have expressed both positive excitement and approval.

If other people have B5 attire they might consider wearing such fashions as "new" advertisements for, in my opinion, the best television series. If I had the resources I'd even wear a t-shirt with the words "Babylon 5 moves to Scifi" (or something in that spirit)printed across the front and/or back.

Thank You,
Michael Rosenthal

Date: Mon, 36 Jun 2000 7:29:39 PM EDT
From: DracoB5

How about a newspaper ad in local newspapers of cities? Or having a special party, inviting besides your B5 friends, some non-B5 friends to come to a special viewing of something (maybe not even telling the non-B5ers)(I have one who's afraid to watch B5 and hasn't-afraid get addicted)) then when it comes on (the premiere) pass out popcorn etcc.,... renaming stuff after Babylon 5 alien food.


Thanks for your suggestion. The ad is wonderful, but would cost some money. I like the party idea much more because it gets people together who already know the program with people who haven't seen it at all. One thing I've learned over time -- Babylon 5 fans LOVE to talk about this program and hopefully their enthusiasm will infect the others.

Thanks again,

June 26, 2000 05:01am EST

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 5:15:49 PM EDT
From: "Dan Johnson"

Hey Sandy and anyone else involved with the efforts to save Crusade!

I think Delenn said it best, "Faith manages". It is good to hear that Sci-Fi is open to giving Crusade a second chance. The troops in the North Carolina Group are already being rallied to get the word out at some local cons later in the year. Also, the next issue of JUMPGATE is going to carry the info listed in Zocalo and these updates.

I did have a suggestion for getting the word out. Has there been any attention paid to comic book stores and comic book conventions?

I have been an avid reader of comics long before Babylon 5 was even created. Right now, Rising Stars is the darling of the local shops. The book comes in and literally flies off the shelf (That is when it is lucky to make it to the shelf. Most times all the issues are spoken for by the regular subscribers.). A lot of the readers I know have become interested in Babylon 5 now because Rising Stars is so good. I'm willing to bet interest in Crusade would increase greatly once more comic book fans are aware that the genius behind Rising Stars is also behind Crusade.

I haven't seen the flyers for Crusade on Sci-Fi, but I'm thinking that if part of the focus is billing it as a series by the creator of Rising Stars, you'll get some interest. I'd be willing to drop off flyers in and around Greensboro to help the cause. Also, what about letters to Top Cow themselves. Have the readers tell them how great they think the Rising Stars series is, and at the same time, mention what can be done to save Crusade in the letter. also, what about letters to comic book publications like Wizard and The Comic Book Buyer's Guide. At this point, it couldn't hurt.

Any way, these are just some suggestions. Hopefully they can be of some use.

Take Care,
Dan Johnson

Thanks Dan for your suggestions. Comic shops are a wonderful resource some have already thought of. But using the Rising Star momentum to advertise might be just the ticket on this. I'll have to hit my graphics package and reword a flyer that can be used in comic book shops.


From: Becky []
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2000 9:31 AM

Sandra, you said to let you know if we have ideas about where to put flyers -- don't forget book stores & comic shops. Most towns have at least one indie book store, and larger cities & college towns probably hvae several little stores devoted to sci fi stuff. I'd be willing to put flyers at a couple places in Austin (if there are other subscribers from here, maybe we can split the town up)

I'm sure others will have the same idea, just wanted to write in case....

Austin, TX

Thanks Becky for your suggestion. I am sure that there are a number of book stores and comic book shops that would help with our efforts. I'll get some flyers into the mail to you very soon.

Thanks again.

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