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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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CT #60 Cult Times #60
Good Stargate issue. Includes an interview with Rene Auberjonois about his latest Stargate role.

Virginia Hey from FarScape is also featured. She talks about working on the series -- along side the Henson puppets!

TVZone #130 TV Zone #130
Stargate director Martin Wood gives us the scoop on the Carter/O'Neill relationship, what's ahead for us in the series.

Jackson Raine, Tao from Beastmaster, is also featured in this issue.

TVZone #38 TVZone #38
Special Stargate Issue:
Great interviews with all the cast. Peter DeLuise talks about directing the show and you'll learn about some of the special effects used. Great issue.


July CT Cult Times #58
This month's Cult Times has a wonderful mix of articles on Star Gate, First Wave, Farscape, Buffy and Millennium. As the cover shows, this issue looks at Trek vs. Gate! Super pictures in this issue of Anthony Simcoe who portrays D'Argo in Farscape.

TZ July TV Zone #128
TV Zone continues to cover an assortment of science fiction shows. With Kate Mulgrew from Voyager adorning the cover this month, we are given a glimpse into the final year of the show and where the storylines might go. This issue also includes coverage of Beast Master, Farscape, The Outer Limits and Xena. Michael Greenburg, producer from Stargate looks at the show, now heading into it's fourth year and recently renewed for a fifth.


Cult Times Under this gorgeous cover are several articles for sci-fi fans. Not only do they have a great interview with Ben Browder, but they talk to Michael Shanks from Stargate SG-1, Ethan Phillips from Voyager and Lisa Howard from Earth Final Conflict.

Dreamwatch Beside the wonderful articles on Farscape, there are items on Roswell, Buffy and Earth Final Conflict.

Lots of good reading here.

Frontier This Aussie magazinehas come good stuff on Blade Runner and Stargate SG-1.

Starburst Inside you'll find an article on Gigi Edgeley - Farscape's Chini. But that's not all, there's an article on Stargate SG-1 -- an overview of the fourth season.

Sci-Fi Ent The only magazine to have ANYTHING related to Babylon 5 or Crusade this month! Bummer. Oh well, in this issue, JMS talks about Crusade. There is a little article stating B5's move to SFC. Hopefully there will be more about the show in coming months.

Starlog Virginia Hey is getting some good press here and in other magazines. Also included, articles on David Duchovney of X-Files and some fantastic pictures of Dinosaur.

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