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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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August 2, 2003:

Date: 8/2/2003 3:39:10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Sandra,

I was an avid van of the SciFi channel from before the first day of broadcast. I watched the odd patterns of video on the satellite signal before you went "live" watching the count down and eagerly anticipating the birth of the channel.

Later, when the satellite signal was scrambled and we could see SciFi on cable TV I loved it for a long time. I was overjoyed when ScFi rescued Babylon 5 from TNT! And very much disappointed that SciFi dropped the ball by letting Crusade slip away without a fight.

For me, the whole Babylon 5 epic tale was about very good story telling. It just happened to be put in a science fiction setting, which I also enjoyed.

Now to the heart of my little message to you. Demographically, I'm a blip off the screen as far as advertisers are concerned: I'm a 56 year old male with a bachelor's degree (music). My wife and I both work in libraries. She has the master's degree and is the professional Librarian while I'm just civil service.

*** We cancelled our cable service after SciFi started moving away from what has been called "space shows" and unfortunately toward the sort of trash I will not spend a dime to watch: Horror, Witchcraft, the "Afterlife", and so forth. I am absolutely dumbfounded as to how this garbage found its way onto the ScFi channel!

Return to SCIENCE fiction, and you might get some return of lost audience share. If that is not likely, then please change the name of your channel to reflect the true nature of your offerings. I think the "Horror, Blood, and Demons Channel" says it all. There is almost no Science Fiction remaining on the old SciFi Channel.

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