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The Zocalo Newsletter!

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Updated: September 4, 2000


Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 10:04:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Lee Quick"

I have not seen this information passed on to those of us in region 1,(hell I don't even know if most people know what a region is) if you have a stand alone dvd in the US it is probably a region 1 dvd player, however if you have a dvd attached to your computer then it contains no region codes and can play any region. You can also get your stand alone dvd player adjusted so that it will play region 1 and region 2 dvds, the bad news is that I know they are doing this in Britain, but I have no idea if it is done in the US or where.

For those of us who wanted the Crusade tapes NOW and not maybe in the future, as I know you know they are available but only in PAL format. If anyone is going to upgrade their vcr I highly recommend the Samsung SV5000W, world wide vcr, it lists for about $450. It plays all sorts of formats (PAL NTSC SECAM) and relays all this to your NTSC or PAL or SECAM tv. I have been collecting the Crusade tapes now only a few more to go and I will have the complete set.

Lee Quick


Attention all horror fans! Here is a special offer to everyone who loves the things that go bump in the night! Presenting THE MONSTER CLUB.COM GUIDE TO HORROR, a new book by Cheryl Duran (editor and publisher of THE MONSTER NEWS).

This book is due for release in October of this year and it is a fun filled guide to the world of horror. THE MONSTER CLUB.COM GUIDE TO HORROR,which has a foreword by Ben Chapman, The "Reel" Gillman from Universal's classic THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, is available for advance order NOW at a special pre-publication price of $10.95 + $1.75 (S&H). To order your very own copy of this book, send your payment to: JoNa Books, P. O. Box 336, Bedford, IN 47421. Visa, Mastercard, Checks and M.O accepted. (When ordering, indicate the name of the book and ISBN #0-9657929-6-X)

Also, when I pulled Cheryl's info, I had forgotten that she is connected to some BABYLON 5 news. Here it is: Greg Funk, BABYLON 5 and X-FILES make-up artist, along with Jason Mattews of Stan Winston Studios recently worked on a new horror film called STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING ME. The film's co-executive producer is Cheryl Duran, the editor and publisher of THE MONSTER NEWS and the author of the soon to be released THE MONSTER CLUB.COM GUIDE TO HORROR. The film stars James Black Jr. from THE BURNING ZONE, Jamie Donahue from THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING and Mike Todd from THE OUTER LIMITS and Full Moon's LURKING FEAR.

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