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Novels -- Reference -- Roll Playing

Novels Novels range from noveliations of episodes to unique books written in the Babylon 5 universe. These include the 3 new trilogies (Telepath, Centauri, Technomages). Currently, only the Telepath trilogy is out.
Dark Genesis, the Birth of the Psi Corps
Book I of the Telepath Trilogy

The story of how Psi Corps arose. According to jms, the best Babylon 5 novel to be written (I agree). This is the first book in the telepath trilogy. It tells the events that lead to the formation of Psi Corps, and the events follwoing its creation, including the first members of the underground.
Deadly Relations Bester Ascendant
Book II of the Telepath Trilogy

The second novel in the telepath trilogy focuses on Bester's rise to power in Psi Corps. It focuses on bester, rather than telling the story of various people, as did the first novel.
Final Reckoning : The Fate of Bester
Book III of the Telepath Trilogy

This novel completes the Telepath Trilogy. It tells the final chapter of Bester's life, including Garibaldi's part in it. Lyta should also be in it (she has to open Garibaldi's block which does not allow him to kill Bester).
A Call to Arms

The novelization of the Babylon 5 Movie which sets up Crusade.
In the Beginning

The novelisation of the Babylon 5 Movie. The story is a prequel to Babylon 5, retelling the events of the Earth-Minabri war, which ulitmatly led to the creation of the Babylon Project.

The novelisation of the Babylon 5 Movie.
The Coming of Shadows

The novelisation of the Babylon 5 episode (209). This is the episode where the Centauri Emperor visists Babylon 5. G'Kar wants to murder him, but before he can do so, the Emperor collapses. The Emperor send a message to G'Kar, saying he wants to be the first person to apologise for the Centauri atrosities. However, Lando makes it look like the Emperor does want war by faking his last message before the Emperor dies. This includes a scene where buys Lando drink because he is finally happy to know that the war is over, not knowing that Lando has just initiated the first attack . . .

The first Babylon 5 novel: A conference of high-level telepaths is held on Babylon 5 (after having to quit Mars when a bobm went off). A second bomb injurs Bester and Talia Winters is accused of placing it. Together with Garibaldi, they set to prove she is innocent.

The second Babylon 5 novel: J. D. Ortega, Ivanova's old Starfury instructor, arrives on Babylon 5. He sets up a meeting, but when he fails to meet her, he is found dead. Earthforce invesigators (three) are sent to investiagte. It turns out that Ortega had valuable information for Earthforce, and Ivanova is suspected of murder. On top of that, Raider activity has increased, and Ivanova has to deal with them.
Blood Oath

G'Kar's life time foe, Du'Rog, dies, and his daughter, Mi'Ra, issues a blood oath against G'Kar. This means that she will do anything to kill him. G'Kar fakes his own death and travels to Narn to kill her.
Clark's Law

The better of the Babylon 5 novels, the story centers around the Tuchanq, a alien race which believe that their identity is defined by their Song of Being. Once their Song is broken, they beleive the individual will go crazy. One does go crazy and kills someone. Under Clark's new rules, the Tuchanq must be excuted, in public. This stirs up fights between pro-life groups and Home Gaurd sympathisers errupt.
The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name

A mysterious space phenomenon approaches Babylon 5 and everyone on it starts to dream of deahth and destruction, leading to riots and chaos.
The Shadow Within

This book tells the story of Anna Sheridan. She is interested in the mystery surrounding some intriguing artifacts found during a mission to a distant planet called Z'Ha'dum. She gets orders to become the science officer on the follow-up mission on the Icarus. While John gets promoted to the captain of the the Agamemnon, Anna begins to assemble her science crew. And signs on a Dr. Morden.
Personal Agendas

The story of G'Kar's imprisonment on Centauri Prime.
To Dream in the City of Sorrows

This book tells the story of Jeffrey Sinclair. It starts right after he is ordered to be the first human ambassador to the Minbari, where he learns the truth about the shadows and forms the rangers.

Reference Reference books range from Season Guides to "How do they make the show" to outright analysis of the episodes.
The Babylon File : The Definitive Unauthorised Guide to J. Michael Straczynski's TV Series Babylon 5

This book is the ultimate guide to Babylon 5. It covers all the episodes from the pilot to episode 407, where each episode is deeply analyzed for content, plot, dialogue, references, and much more. It also has an introductionary essay by jms (the famous one) and covers the comics and novels.
The Babylon File; The Unofficial Guide to J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 (2nd edition)

This book is the continuation of the above book, covering season 4-5 and the newest novels/comics/B5 Movies. It will be published in 1999.
The A-Z Guide to Babylon 5

This book guides you through the Babylon 5 universe. It is quite good, but some spelling mistakes do annoy the Babylon 5 fan.
Babylon 5 Security Manual

The Garibaldi Files in a sense. Covers mostly technical issues of Babylon 5.
Creating Babylon 5 : Behind the Scenes of Warner Bros.'s Revolutionary Deep Space TV Drama

This book covers the Babylon 5 universe the best, to my opinion. It covers the history before Babylon 5, the creation of the show, in depth look at the characters and their actors, at the creation of the special effects and much more. What tops other books are the often page filling pictures from the series and little tidbits no one knew before (did you know that John Rhys-Davis (Sliders, Indiana Jones movies) was considered for Sinclair?). The author also reports on how a episode is filmed (Dust to Dust).
Babylon 5 : Signs and Portent

This book covers the pilot and season one, including episode guides and other usefull information.
Babylon 5 : The Coming of Shadows

This book covers the second season, including episode guides and other usefull information.
Babylon 5 : Point of No Return

This book covers the third season, including episode guides and other usefull information.
Babylon 5 : No Surrender, No Retreat

This book covers the fourth season, including episode guides and other usefull information.
Babylon 5 : The Wheel of Fire

This book covers the fifth season, including episode guides and other usefull information.
Babylon 5 : Journal With Bookmark

Role Playing Recreate the rich Babylon 5 universe in your own room.
The Babylon Project: The Roleplaying Game Based on Babylon 5

The definative roleplaying game based upon Babylon 5.

The Babylon Project Earthforce Sourcebook; A Supplement for the Roleplaying Game, Based on Babylon 5

The Babylon Project Gamemaster's Resource Kit; A Supplement for the Roleplaying Game, Based on Babylon 5

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