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Title: Thirdspace
Production Number: TVM1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski    Director: Jesus Treviņo
First US Transmission: July 19, 1998 on TNT
Contents: [Plot] - [Overview] - [Other Info]

The crew discovers a mysterious, ancient artifact in hyperspace.


Here is a brief synopsis of BABYLON 5: Thirdspace: Returning to Babylon 5 after a mission, Commander Susan Ivanova (CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN) picks up an irregular scanner reading from somewhere in hyperspace. The mysterious object seems to be enormous and Ivanova and her starfury squadron move deep into hyperspace, where they find an ancient alien relic, part platform and part strange geometric design.

Captain Sheridan (BRUCE BOXLEITNER)quickly orders the investigation of the bizarre wreckage. As soon as the artifact arrives on Babylon 5, Interplanetary Expeditions sends Dr. Elizabeth Trent (SHARI BELAFONTE), a xenoarchaeologist, to supervise the find. Headstrong and intense, Dr. Trent is immediately at odds with Captain Sheridan.

As the investigation of the artifact continues, people throughout Babylon 5, including Dr. Trent, have frightening dreams of surreal towering structures and massive ships. The dreams intensify and soon become a kind of mental compulsion. Dr. Trent suddenly becomes intensely determined to make the artifact work.

Dr. Franklin (RICHARD BIGGS) and Zack Allen (JEFF CONAWAY) begin dealing with out-breaks of violence on the station as humans and aliens continue to have disturbing dreams.

Delenn (MIRA FURLAN), and Sheridan try to retrace the artifact's origin. Lyta (PATRICIA TALLMAN) begins to suspect a telepathic component within artifact, a signal that is drawing people toward it and forcing them to repair it. Finally, it's discovered that the device is a gateway to another kind of space, a third space. Residing in this dimension are ancient living things looking to occupy other places.

Under its powerful telepathic control, Dr. Trent activates the artifact, which begins to launch alien ships that attack Babylon 5. But, the invasion has only started: a massive, ten mile-long alien ship is about to come through the artifact's gateway. Faced with devastation, Sheridan must figure out how to destroy the implacable device before it's too late.

Other Info :

Bruce Boxleitner, Shari Belafonte Star in TNT Original Film BABYLON 5: "Thirdspace"

Turner Network Television (TNT) discovers the gateway to a forgotten dimension when the TNT Original film BABYLON 5: Thirdspace premieres Sunday, July 19, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). Series stars Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Conaway, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian, Richard Biggs, Stephen Furst and Patricia Tallman headline the next full-length Babylon 5 movie, which co-stars Shari Belafonte. Douglas Netter and series creator J. Michael Straczynski executive-produced the two-hour film, and Straczynski wrote the script. The film is a production of Babylonian Productions.

Information from co-producer George Johnsen:

Thirdspace contains more new special effects shots than all of season two combined.

The Nova Class Dreadnaughts have been around for quite a long time, but are getting a "sprucing up" for further development. As we discovered in our own navy, there is a need for several classes of ship of varying sizes.

The Omega Class are the next development in that series. The habitat section was added, as well as more armored sections. There is a further development of that class under discussion. You can also see some design elements of the class contained in the Cortez.

The newer ships under development are all of smaller classes, like the Olympus Class Corvette, the Badger heavy fighter, and the Cotten Class Deep Penetration Tender. We will see these participate heavily in the second of the TNT movies.

The first (but aired second) made for TV movie commissioned by the cable company TNT. Thirdspace is set after the episode "Into the Fire" in Season 4.

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