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Questions & Answers

Here is a small collection of Babylon 5 Questions and Answers:
(Some questions are only relivent to Season's 1 or 2 as they are quite old)

If you think that that there is question missing here, please send me an email with your suggestion(s) at:

Misc Questions:

  Q: Are the B5 novels and comics part of the official B5 canon?
  A: Yes, JMS attempts to make sure the other stories tie into the big story.

  Q: How come [insert name] is in the opening credits but not in the show?
  A: Characters that appear in 7 or more episodes are in the opening credits.

  Q: Which came first, Deep Space 9 or Babylon 5?
  A: B5 was pitched to Paramount in 1989, two years before DS9 was created.

  Q: Why are they using paper in the 23rd century?
  A: Paper is convenient. It's actually a recyclable, synthetic material.

  Q: Why was Sinclair, only a Commander, given the job of running the station?
  A: The Minbari rejected all choices, down the line, and accepted Sinclair.

  Q: What does the "Third Age" of mankind mean? What are the 1st and 2nd?
  A: Joe ain't telling. To reveal the 1st and 2nd would give away the 3rd.

  Q: What has happened with Harlan Ellison's scripts?
  A: They've been delayed due to poor health and earthquake injuries.

  Q: How is the "sound in space" issue dealt with?
  A: Existence of sound in space is debatable; you can think of it as music.

  Q: Why is the C&C (Command and Control) Dome sometimes empty?
  A: It goes on "standby" every 36-48 hours for maintenance, backups, etc.

  Q: Is the "Be seeing you" salute a reference to "The Prisoner"?
  A: Yes, most definitely. It first appeard in season 1's "Mind War."

  Q: Why don't we usually see stars revolving outside C&C?
  A: CGI is too costly; They're still working on a reasonable solution.


  Q: What's with the Centauri Hair?
  A: Hair is a measure of status: more elaborate = higher status. Women go bald.

  Q: What is that thing on Minbari heads?
  A: It's a bone; it grows with age and differs for individuals, sex, and caste.

  Q: Is Bill Mumy (Lennier) the same guy from "Lost In Space"?
  A: Yes. Only much older.

  Q: How did the war between Earth and the Minbari start?
  A: A misunderstanding on first contact.

  Q: What is known about Vorlons?
  A: Very little. Reclusive, and may be hiding something under those suits.

  Q: Why are we always seeing aliens speaking English to each other?
  A: As in WWII movies, we assume they are speaking in their native tongue.


  Q: How do jump gates work?
  A: Ships enter one and exit another. Large ships can make their own points.

  Q: What's the size and capacity of the station?
  A: 5 miles long, holding as many as 250,000 beings (many in transit).

  Q: How do PPGs (Phased Plasma Guns) work?
  A: A super-heated burst of plasma, burning through the air.

  Q: How does communication with Earth work?
  A: Tachyons, giving instantaneous communications; problematic in jump gates.

  Q: Where in the galaxy is the station?
  A: Approximately 25 light years from earth, at an as-yet-undiscovered star.

  Q: How does C&C have gravity?
  A: They are about 1/3 in to the center, so they do have light gravity.

  Q: Who does the voice for the main B5 computer?
  A: Haley McLane, Script Supervisor on the B5 production staff.

  Q: Why doesn't JMS quote people when he responds to messages online?
  A: His news->mail gateway doesn't have the technology. Live with it. :)

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