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What Happened In...?

What happened in the first season?


        The first season, titled "Signs and Portents," introduced the players and plot elements. The Psi Corps, an agency on Earth governing the the telepaths that some humans have become, is shown to have a very strong control of the government back home. Commander Sinclair's involvement in the sudden Minbari surrender in their war with Earth ten years before is partially explained, and it is clear that Delenn is more than just an ambassador on Babylon 5.
        A strange man named Morden does a favor for Londo Mollari, who doesn't realize how dearly he will pay for that favor. The planet under Babylon 5 turns out not to be lifeless, but its caretaker does not want any visitors. Babylon 5's predecessor, Babylon 4, which had mysteriously dissapeared just after going online, appears again, and is being yanked through time to serve as a military base for a war in another time; a much older Sinclair seems to be involved in that war.
        Finally, on New Year's Eve of 2258, Delenn, acting on a prophecy, builds a device which produces a physical transformation for her; the Earth Alliance president is assassinated and it appears that the political climate back home is getting worse; and Londo calls upon his new friend and his mysterious associates to wipe out a Narn base which will plummet the Centauri and Narn into war.
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What happened in the second season?


        As Commander Sinclair is reassigned, Captain Sheridan takes over command of the station, unaware of his fate. G'Kar realizes that there is a new race lurking in the shadows. Delenn emerges, transformed to be half human, though not fully explained. The mystery of the Minbari surrender is finally revealed: The Minbari discovered that Minbari souls were being reborn in humans.
        The situation on Earth is getting worse; an unknown "Bureau 13" is working in the background and the "Night Watch" program is stomping down on dissidents; meanwhile, Sheridan is part of an underground movement to gain control back from the corrupted government; he brings his trusted officers into the fold. On the eve of an historic speech that would have prevented a Narn-Centauri War, Londo calls upon his unknown agents to attack a major Narn colony, starting the war.
        The mysterious shadows behind the Centauri brutality are finally revealed to Sheridan; it has been known that this ancient race has been building up strength; Delenn and Kosh enlist Sheridan to help in the upcoming war against the shadows. The Centauri, with the aid of the shadows, end the war with the Narn decisively by bombing the Narn home- world "into the stone ages." The Centauri soon begin annexing other worlds, Kosh has finally revealed himself, and a shadow has been caught on camera.

The Great War is begun.
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What happened in the third season?


        The Minbari give Sheridan a powerful new ship, the White Star, to command in the upcoming fight against the Shadows. Further corruption in Earth government is revealed when it is learned that the Shadows have been cooperating with certain individuals in government. The Earth alliance plunges into civil war as martial law is declared back home; Sheridan is forced to secede from Earth and is only able to keep the forces at bay with the help of the Minbari. The shadows begin attacking openly (and seemingly randomly); Sheridan builds an alliance among the many races by enlisting the help of the Vorlons, an act which results in the death of Ambassador Kosh.
        Sinclair returns to the station with a message from the past; with the help of the machinery on the planet below, The White Star takes Babylon 4 through time to assist in a war against the Shadows of 1000 years ago. Londo continues his ascension to power in the Centauri government, removing his political rival. Using a discovery that telepaths interfere with the functionality of Shadow Ships, Sheridan and Delenn organize their alliance in to a preemptive strike against the Shadows, celebrating a difficult victory.
        Sheridan's wife appears, returning from Z'ha'dum, the homeworld of the Shadows, and attempts to convince Sheridan that the shadows really aren't the bad guys; Sheridan rejects her plea when he discovers that her personality has been altered; instead, he rigs the White Star to crash onto and detonate a bomb on Z'ha'dum; Hearing the advice of Ambassador Kosh in his head, Sheridan jumps into an abyss below him just before the explosion; he is presumed dead. Immediately after the explosion, the shadow ships that had been threatening B5 dissapear, possibly returning home; one of the ships seems to have taken Garibaldi along with it.
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What happened in the fourth season?


        Sheridan finds himself at death's door and finds the galaxy's oldest resident, Lorien, there to guide him back to life. Londo returns home to find that the new Centauri emporor is dangerously insane, planning on the destruction of Centauri Prime. G'Kar, searching for Garibaldi, is captured by the Centauri and tortured. Garibaldi is found, but is acting peculiarly and soon resigns.
        Ivanova and Marcus discover that the Vorlons are gathering to battle the Shadows directly; Sheridan and Lorien battle with the new Vorlon ambassador. The Army of light begins a battle with the Shadows and the Vorlons; the war comes to an abrupt end when those races find that they cannot get the younger races to choose their way. Londo assassinates the Emperor, detroys the Shadow base on Centauri prime, and withdraws from Narn. With the Shadows gone, President Clark on Earth launches a plan to recapture Babylon 5. Garibaldi comes upon a plan by a tycoon on Mars to control the telepaths, but then discovers he has been a pawn of the Psi Corps as they eliminate that problem.
        Civil war erupts on Minbar; Delenn and Neroon, a warrior caste member, manage to bring the war to an end. Sheridan undertakes a campaign to recapture Earth, starting first with the outer colonies and working inward. Sheridan is captured by Clark's forces, and tortured. Ivanova leads a rescue, and Sheridan's forces finally liberate Earth, mortally wounding Ivanova. Using an ancient healing machine, Marcus saves Ivanova's life but dies in the process. Delenn founds an Interstellar Alliance, and Sheridan is elected President.
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