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Recurring and Past Cast


Brought up through the ranks working as a technician in C&C, Corwin is now an executive officer working under Captain Lochley. Corwin is shy but well-intentioned, and a loyal officer.

ALFRED BESTER - Walter Koenig
A Psi-Cop, one of an elite unit of the Psi Corps whose function is to track down rogue telepaths, among other things. A powerful figure in the Psi Corps, perhaps in part because of his high P12 psi rating, Bester was often at odds with Babylon 5 personnel; he recently found himself an unexpected ally of Sheridan and the fight against the Shadows when he discovered that the woman that he loved had been abducted by the Shadows.

LISE HAMPTON - Denise Gentile
Once involved with Garibaldi when he worked on Mars, Lise has come back into Garibaldi's life. Her second husband, a business tycoon, is dead, and she is in charge of his corporation.

MARCUS COLE - Jason Carter
Marcus was the head ranger stationed on Babylon 5 until last year, when he sacrificed his life to save Ivanova's.

Newly promoted Susan Ivanova is now doing what she has always wanted to do, command a starship. She is the captain of one of the new Warlock class destroyers (which has the Minbari electromagnetic drive system which enables the ship to have artificial gravity without a rotating section).

The commander of Babylon 5 and representative of the Earth Alliance for its first two years of operation, Sinclair was transferred to Minbar to serve as Earth ambassador, but covertley became the head of the Rangers. Recently, Sinclair took Babylon 4 back through time to aide the Minbari in their war against the Shadows of 1000 years ago; in doing so, he used the same device that had transformed Delenn in order to attain Minbari appearance, and in doing so, became Valen, Minbar's great spiritual leader who formed the Grey Council.

DRAAL - John Schuck
The steward of the vast machinery below on Epsilon 3. He is a Minbari who was looking for a new purpose in life when he heeded the call to become caretaker of the planet. He has offered his services in the Shadow War, though Sheridan has kept Draal as his 'ace in the hole' so far.

ANNA SHERIDAN - Melissa Gilbert
John Sheridan's wife was presumed killed in an explosion while on an expedition to a newly discovered planet which we now know as Z'ha'dum. She wasn't killed, but was used by the Shadows. She finally surfaced after five years, but it was discovered that her personality had been altered and she was no longer really Anna. She was killed when the White Star exploded on Z'ha'dum.

EMPEROR CARTAGIA - Wortham Krimmer
The last Emporer of the Centauri Empire. Placed in power by Lord Refa and his ambitious allies, Cartagia allied himself with the shadows in a way that made even Londo uncomfortable. In a plan devised by Londo where he would kill the Emperor, the plan went wrong and Vir killed Cartagia.

NUMBER ONE - Marjorie Monaghan
The tough-as-nails leader of the Mars resistance, Number One, as she is known, intensely distrusts telepaths and will rarely compromise once she's made up her mind. She has a soft spot for Dr. Franklin, though she rarely shows it.

BROTHER THEO - Louis Turenne
A Dominican monk, establishing residence on the station to study the religious beliefs of alien races. Willing to trade the services of his order for the ability to stay on the station, Theo and his brothers have been helpful spiritual guides in the difficult days of the war against the Shadows.

JACK - Macaulay Bruton
He was Garibaldi's seemingly loyal assistant until he shot him in the back as soon as Garibaldi discovered a conspiracy to assassinate President Santiago. Garibaldi identified him as his assailant, but he disappeared while being transferred to earth for prosecution.

LORD REFA - William Forward
A ruthless, unprincipled Centauri noble who worked with Londo in a bid for power. But over the last year, Refa and Londo found themselves at odds when Londo realized he was uncomfortable with the chaos he had initiating. Londo finally eliminated and disgraced Refa, paving the way to Londo's ascension with his rival eliminated.

TALIA WINTERS - Andrea Thompson
Operating as Babylon 5's resident telepath for nearly two years, Talia left the station when her unwilling involvement in a classified Psi Corps experiment was exposed and changed her forever. Her whereabouts -- or her fate -- are not known.

AMBASSADOR KOSH NARANEK - Ardwight Chamberlain (Voice), Jeffrey Willerth (in the suit)
One of the oldest Vorlons, possibly thousands of years old, Kosh was the Ambassador to Babylon 5 until he was killed by the Shadows. Though as secluded and cryptic as any Vorlon, Kosh had seen something special in Sheridan and had given him various 'lessons' that supposedly help Sheridan to understand himself. In fact, Kosh saved Sheridan's life, leaving his encounter suit and appearing as an angel, recognizeable to many species as a holy being of light. Kosh had also enlisted Lyta Alexander as an aide for unknown purposes.

AMBASSADOR KOSH NARANEK (Also Known as Ulkesh)- Ardwight Chamberlain (Voice), Jeffrey Willerth (in the suit)
The second vorlon ambassador sent to Babylon5 after the original 'kosh' was killed by the shadows. This vorlon also wanted to called kosh saying "We are all kosh", though he was also called 'Ulkesh'. He was finally killed by the original kosh (piece of him was inside Sheridan) because of what the Vorlons were doing to the other races; destroying every planet / race which has links / contact with the shadows.

NA'TOTH - Caitlin Brown
A female Narn, assistant to G'Kar. Though she appeared on the scene in somewhat dubious circumstances, she is fiercely loyal to G'Kar. She prefers the direct approach rather than G'Kar's subterfuge and deception. She has now disappeared, presumed dead, on the Narn home world after the Centauri bombardment in 2259.

LORIEN - Wayne Alexander
An ancient being -- the oldest -- who revived Sheridan after his fall... Lorien has now left beyond the rim with the first ones..

Neroon sacrificed himself to save Delenn's life and to stop the civilwar. The Minbari warrior that first apeared in the Season 1 episode 'Legacies' where he was second in command) of the starship Ingata, Shi Alyt (captain) of this vessel was Branmer, a hero from the Earth/Minbari War. When Neroon was told of the reason for the Minbari surrender at the Battle of the Line, he was appalled. He still held a grudge against humans, and he did not like Delenn's new appearance. Neroon later (Season 3) took Delenn's place on the Grey Council, thus earning the title Satai. This caused the Council to become unbalanced, contrary to Valen's wishes, and gave the Warrior Caste much greater influence in Minbari policy-making. He later came to Babylon 5 to try to prevent Delenn becoming Ranger One, and would have become the first Minbari to kill one of his own if he had not been stopped by Marcus. He wasa member of the Star Riders clan, the name Star Riders refers to mounted soldiers who trained to use the stars for navigation.

The previous president of the Earth Alliance, took his own life when Sheridan's forces (backed up by the other races) took back Earth from his control. Clark was vice-president when he had President Santiago assassinated; he rose to power with the help of Nightwatch, the Psi Corps, and some kind of involvement with the Shadows he then dissolved the EA Senate and declared Martial Law.

MORDEN - Ed Wasser
Morden was executed by Londo Mollari. A member of the same expedition Sheridan's wife was on, Morden worked for the Shadows. He wasoften accompanied by one or two of them, though they're invisible to most people. Never a major player, he was always ready to talk to Londo and pass messages to and from his "associates." Morden was meticulously polite, but nonetheless was a menacing presence who could casually discuss the deaths of tens of thousands of Narn as easily as most people talk about the weather. He was involved with dealings between Shadows and the corrupt Earth government as well.

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